Well hello there.

My name is Tahlia or ya know, Lia.

I hope to inspire others in whatever I’m doing, to live a life following Jesus. This lifestyle gives me purpose and drive. With it being my everyday pursuit, I use social media platforms as an outlet to reach my audience. To have people see life through my eyes (or lens of a camera *wink *wink) means to have an audience that is willing to be open and inspired.

I am in love with the King of all Kings, my savior, Jesus. I hope to show you what a life of a true follower of Jesus is like: full, whole, purposeful, and most importantly free.

My passion is for the arts: watercolor, drawing, videography, photography, etc. I use my YouTube Channel to encourage others, and make memorable videos for my family holidays and vacations together. I hope to add more of my art journey to my channel very soon! LiasLens.com is where I will post progress and finished art pieces, journals, photos, and videos, so you’ll never miss a thing. Merch coming soon, too!

LiasLens.com is a place for you to be inspired, no matter where you come from or what type of day you’re having. (:

Here is the message that guides me: Despite the stats, I will continue to inspire and spread God’s love, as His hand guides me through all the days of my life.

Come with me and See Life Through My Eyes as I am led by Him.

Ya boo, Lia.

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